Let’s begin the journey together.

Take the first step to a more active, healthy life. At Surgical Healing Arts Center, we understand the challenges you have faced trying to lose weight. We’ve helped many people just like you win their long struggle with our bariatric solutions. We use the latest, most effective bariatric weight-loss techniques including:

to help start you on the path to a happier, healthier life.

With our team by your side we’ll support you with education and better nutrition to help ensure you stay at your healthiest weight. Sustained safe weight loss takes true commitment and a lifestyle change. We’ll design an exercise program just for you, get you eating healthier foods and teach you how to make nutritious meals yourself. If you are in the Naples/Fort Myers, Florida area, talk to us at Surgical Healing Arts Center. We want to help you live the life you’ve always wanted.

Fast track your surgery process!

  • Surgical Healing Arts Center’s in house testing minimizes multiple office visit for multiple testing and multiple specialists.
  • Skilled insurance qualifiers and predetermination experts.
  • SHAC assign’s you your own personalized medical care coordinator (MAs) that walks hand in hand with you-taking a long complex process into a team oriented focused goal to efficiently and safely get you to surgery.
  • Up to date on-line Patient tracking allowing you to know where you are in the process.

SHAC’s fast track process can reduce your waiting time waiting for surgery by months. Take the next step in saving your health, because Your health is weighting!

Often called “obesity surgery” or “bariatric surgery,” weight loss surgery helps many people unable to lose weight with diet and exercise alone.

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Treat injury and disease. General surgery is any procedure intended to correct a wide variety of diseases and conditions, from cancer to hernia repair and appendicitis.

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Learn how to live better. We happily offer our patients and their families periodic tutorials on different health-related issues. Call us to register for an upcoming seminar.


Count on a team of experts to help you on your weight-loss journey. We support you with education on procedures and health issues as well as changing your lifestyle to include healthy eating and exercise.

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Goncalves Sister's at the first follow-up appointment
Follow the Goncalves Sisters Story

Two Fort Myers teenage sisters who were medically diagnosed as severely overweight have successfully underwent adolescent bariatric surgery at Surgical Healing Arts Center in Fort Myers.

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