A Community of Understanding

Research shows the most effective way to maintain successful long-term weight loss after bariatric surgery is attending support groups regularly.

To provide ongoing encouragement and education, we offer monthly support groups for our patients. No matter where you are in the weight-loss process, you are invited to attend and encouraged to participate in the support group program.

Our bariatric patient support group focuses on education and offers monthly topics to help expand your knowledge of what it takes to live a healthy bariatric lifestyle. Amy Phipps, our nurse practitioner and certified bariatric nurse, leads this group and covers a variety of subjects like exercise, food, nutrition, stress, changing behavior and much more. Patients can share experiences and talk about emotional or psychological changes what they are feeling. The groups offer help, encouragement and ideas for staying on a healthy weight-loss path. Concerns and questions can be addressed.

Living a healthy bariatric lifestyle is a lasting commitment. By joining us at a support group, you’ll not only make new friends, but also find support from others right here in the Naples-Fort Myers, Florida area who’ve taken the very same steps to weight loss that you have.